Oct 23

Costume Ball

Today is the big day of our Jane Austen costume ball! I have been daydreaming about this day ever since it was announced last fall. It’s going to be like a dream come true for me.

Our Jane Austen literature class will all be dressing up in period costume and hosting our Regency style ball in the assembly hall. There will be food made according to recipes from the era and we’ve even hired out all kinds of props and furniture to set the scene appropriately.

We’ve all been planning our costumes for months. I’m going in a dress I made myself. It’s a white poplin with a tiny blue flower pattern and a wide blue ribbon sash at the bustline. I’m having a wedding makeup artist do my face so that I’ll look gorgeous, but, not out of character for the era. I’m also having a girl from my dorm do my hair.

This is going to be the best night of my life!

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Oct 17

Our Business is Growing Even in this Economy

For years we have made crafts and sold our items at local shows in our community. But times have changed. Wallets are tighter and people seem to like to shop from home. We were just about to go under when a cheap seo company changed our future. We found a company who set up a web site for us and created an SEO strategy for our success.

The results were truly astonishing. Not only did I not have to weather the rain and unpredictable weather at craft shows, our business took off. This small SEO company knew how to market and make our presence known to people not only in my state but the entire country. Sales are up and flourishing. And to think I was about to get a job at Walmart. I’ve learned to not give up but instead to stay up to date, think smart and use a company who knows technology to help your business fly.

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Oct 09

When the world calls

Getting old is hard. Your joints hurt, your vision suffers, your hearing starts to go. I remember being a young man. I had the hearing of a German Shepard. And now, I sit here…can barely here a thing. My TV is up so loud that the rest of the family complains. I constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves, especially on the phone. I sometimes laugh and smile when people talk to me, and the reality is that I have no idea what they just said. A few friends have suggested I look into something to help me, a “device” they say. I don’t want to do that; admitting that is admitting that age has finally taken its toll on me. Then one day, I saw a young man with his in. I asked him “do you feel self conscious about wearing those?” He responded in the most brilliant of ways: “No, I can hear and they make it so I can enjoy the beauty that the world offers.”

When the world calls, I no longer hear enough to answer. It is time I face the reality: I need to look at hearing aids Stockport. I need to enjoy that beauty that the young man reminded me about.

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Aug 25

My Trip Down The Aisle

My wedding was a dream come true. I fell in love 10 years before I ever walked down the aisle. Everything was perfect from the flowers to the attire and even the minster. As I said my vowels, 100 things were racing through my mind, but most were just how I ever got to this place. I was the luckiest woman in the world to be marrying the man of my dreams.

I wanted something different and unique for the ceremony. I have never been a traditional girl and this day was no different. We said our I do’s outside near my parents lake at their home. There with all the magic of Mother Nature, I became a Mrs. Johnson. When everything was complete and it was time to kiss the bride, I was ready. My husband leaned in and kissed me and wedding fireworks blasted in the sky. Yes, that’s right, real fireworks. He surprised me by having these done for one spectacular moment in time.

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