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At Greystone, transparency and disclosure are fundamental to the way we do business. We strive at all times to ensure that our investors, shareholders, employees, portfolio companies and all parties with whom we do business can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner. 

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E 782 mil


E 42 mil returned to shareholders

    E 3.40

235% total share price gains

E 2.14 / share

21% CAGR

Greystone Shareholder Overview

Institutional investors, which constitute mostly Eswatini pension funds, dominate Greystone's shareholder base. There are currently no majority shareholders in the Company.

Greystone's Shareholding in portfolio companies

Greystone is an investment company with 9 investee companies. The investee companies are actively managed to promote shareholder interest. All businesses are domiciled in Eswatini, with some operations extending to the CMA.


Downloadable Documents

Downloadable Documents




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